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PTCL Free Wi-Fi Modem

PTCL Free Wi-Fi Modem

PTCL Free Wi-Fi Modem

PTCL Free Wi-Fi Modem

Broadband Pakistan
Free Wi-Fi Modem

Incredible Offer-Unlimited Freedom

With every new connection get a Wi-Fi modem absolutely free. Enjoy fastest speeds and unlimited downloads as the whole family gets connected simultaneously.

Get Your Broadband Connect Now!

  • Monthly charges for new 1Mbps customers Rs. 1250.
  • Offer not applicable on 256Kbps and 1Mbps Student Packages connections

To Order Call : 080080800

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

FREE Broadband Wi-Fi


PTCL Wi-Fi Modem

“Free Wi-Fi & Revision in 1Mbps DSL Charges for New Customers”

With an increase in proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled tabs, mobile phones and gadgets. It is becoming necessary to have a Wi-Fi modem or router for connectivity needs. We intend to capitalize on this trend by offering only Wi-Fi Modems to PTCL Broadband customers instead of the regular wired modem.

PTCL offers free Wi-Fi modem to new Broadband customers. In addition 1Mbps tariffs are also being revised for new customers.

Package Details:

1Mbps Broadband:

  • Rs. 1,250 per month
  • Provisioning of free Wi-Fi modem

In addition to increase in 1Mbps package charges for new customers only, following changes will be applicable from March 5, 2012 as part of free Wi-Fi policy.

  • Existing 1Mbps customers will continue to pay Rs. 1,199 per month
  • Wi-Fi modems will be provided to new customers of all packages excluding 256Kbps and 1Mbps Student package, and there will be no monthly recurring charges
  • All existing subscribers irrespective of their packages will be charged Rs. 750 as modem up-gradation charges, and their package charges will remain as per policy
  • Existing Wi-Fi customers will continue to pay as per existing policy
  • Bundled packages (Double Up and Double Impact etc.) and triple-play services will be provided free of cost Wi-Fi modem upon installation and there will be no monthly recurring charges

Unique Features of Broadband

  • PTCL offers customized packages according to customer needs
  • PTCL offers the most economical rates in voice and data
  • PTCL provides unmatched voice quality, surfing & download speed
  • PTCL has the largest network spread across the country
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